Pray for God's Church Planters

God has called us out to preach the Gospel to all the World.

There are people forgotten in India surrounded by Hindi and Muslims.
Sooooo many have never heard the Gospel!

We can't go there ourselves, but we can lift the arms of those who are risking their lives to give the Gospel to the Villages in India.
They are asking for our daily prayers because that is all they have.

You are disowned and given no chance to have an normal income for your family, if you give your life to Christ in other countries.

If you are a Church Planter, you have no time to work, you have to choose to give that up in order to go from Village to Village.
You have to chose to lay down your life and worldly possessions.
You have to follow Christ moment by moment.
And some will be asked to lay down their lives.

Please be praying for God's Church planters in India.

pray to see if God may want you to support a Pastor in need.

These Christians are very eager to show you what they can do for God with your help.
They are eager to fellowship with you; communicate with pictures and letters.

Our Lord is at hand.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in India are in need!
This is not a widely evangelized country like other popular countries.

The Harvest is Plenty, the Laborers are few!

Please help them with prayer.
Please help them with support if you feel called.